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Undead Army

We have teamed up with 5KRunDead to provide makeup for their events. Please join their mailing list to be alerted of their next event.

About the Savannah Zombie Walk

The Savannah Zombie Walk is held annually in Emmet Park (Bay Street) and travels down historic River Street during the fall months. Our past walks have been a total undead success, with over 1,000 zombies shuffling their way down River Street, and donating as much as over 1400 lbs of canned food items! Whether we have a dozen zombies or hundreds, our walks are always a blast! 

Our walks include zombies of all ages and backgrounds, as we encourage participation from anyone who is interested in having a fantastic time by letting their inner zombie come out. Our walks have a set of guidelines, intended to keep events not only fun, but for a safe experience for everyone, meant to not only be enjoyable for the zombies, but for the spectators as well. Zombies have eaten lots of brains and therefore should have common sense!

So, if you’re an intrigued passerby who has seen us shuffling down the cobblestone streets of Savannah or heard about us from a friend and are curious about why we walk and how they can join in on the fun of the Savannah Zombie Walk… this is the place to be!

Savannah Zombie Walk | PO Box 5225, Savannah GA 31414 | info@savannahzombiewalk.com

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