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We have teamed up with 5KRunDead to provide makeup for their events. Please join their mailing list to be alerted of their next event.

Zombie Pirates at the 2013 Tybee Island Pirate Fest

Arrgh!!! Thar Be Zombies!

We have so much fun at the Tybee Island Pirate Fest we’ve made it into an annual shindig!

That’s right, thar be ghastly things that sail these waters at Tybee!

We will be meeting at Tybee prior to the Parade to get everyone ready with makeup and staged for the float. We’ll have makeup available and a few makeup artists on hand to assist. The Parade begins promptly at 3pm— we are meeting at 2pm sharp.

This float will help promote & raise more canned food for America’s Second Harvest Food Bank–our charity of choice for the Walk. Second Harvest will be supplying us with a banner, bins for food collecting and helping to promote our Walk.

RSVP on our Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/140172759523891/?ref=22




First we’ll need some help re-building our float!
We will have a Ford F150 with a flatbed trailer hitched to the back we’ll need to decorate.

Our Original Idea: A shipwrecked island!
Think sandy shores, shipwrecked pieces of a pirate ship with an undead mermaid decoration on the bow (do I hear rotten boney fish tail with someone’s torso in zombie makeup?), swampy trees, spooky marshes, palmetto frawns, a fog machine to give it that creepy Scooby Do effect! A pirate chest on the float to take canned food donations. Then to top it off we’ll fill our float with the undead swashbuckling denizens of Davey Jones’ locker that have clawed their way up from the depths of the sea.

We managed to save a good portion of our float from last year, but we want to improve and add to!

Yo ho ho and a bottle of braiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiins! This is gonna be a blast!!!

Participants: Limited Pirate Zombies
First come first serve. We’re asking a small donation of $5 to help deter the cost of float fees (the cost of the Tybee Pirate Festival tickets are purchased separately)

REGISTER HERE & donate your fee for the zombie float: http://savannahzombiewalk.com/zombie-events

We’ll meet a few times prior to the event to decorate and get props built! All float participants must be willing to help outat least once before the day of the parade. But of course ANYONE is able to help out prior to the event! Children are welcome. This is a FAMILY FRIENDLY EVENT.

Register and Pay your $5 Donation Here.

Tybee Fest Parade Rules:
Music is allowed on float but must be family friendly.
No alcoholic beverages are allowed on floats! Sorry guys. :(
No throwing items off the float, we can hand things out.
Maximum height of float is 14′
Decorations must be family friendly — we gotta watch that blood and gore!
No lewd or obscene behavior. Period.



Savannah Zombie Walk | PO Box 5225, Savannah GA 31414 | info@savannahzombiewalk.com

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